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Anthony uses his gifts of transmuting lower-vibrations and psychotherapy to empower and assist his clients in providing ongoing guidance, resources and exercises to facilitate healing.

Healing Sessions

Using a combination of Reiki, tuning forks, channeling and bi-neural frequencies, Anthony is able to assist in clearing blocks, healing and connecting his clients to their authentic selves and guides.

events & Expos

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The Sacred Sound Circle is a sacred space created to allow creativity, freedom and healing using the power of intention and vibrations in alignment with group energy.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Anthony Di Benedetto


I receive my information, both psychically and mediumistically, through all of my senses. I see, hear, feel and know.

Anthony uses a combination of Reiki + tuning forks and channeling to work with the BioField (also known as the torus field or Aura) to release any blocks, stuck emotions, old patterns and conditions which allow his clients to return their energetic footprint back to coherence and restore balance in the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Client Testimonials

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During the session with Anthony I felt a sense of home at peace one with everything. His healing and gifts are Multi dimensional ~ Unique and Pure. Anthony is Amazing!! I highly recommend a session with him his skills and gifts are off the charts! You will feel a sense of Peace ~ Calm and Unconditional Love ❤ Love & Light, Jillie ✨
Jillie Clarke
Anthony is an amazing spirit, so full of positivity and energy!! On a whim, I decided to have a quick session with him at a holistic expo and boy did that help confirm I'm on the right path spiritually and metaphysically! It was super easy to connect with him. He was so much like a battery for my psychic abilities and clairvoyance that I had a second session that lasted 2.5 hours!!! I discovered so many synchronicities, parallels and I even connected with my soulmate's inner child who gave me a gift, closure and reaffirmed some past life visions I had of myself with him. It was life changing for me and now I have more clarity and reassurance that things are as they should be, no matter how difficult the situation. I've since enrolled in classes to become a certified Clairvoyant Medium and may look into becoming ordained. Thank you for your love and light healing!!
Jennifer Miller