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About Anthony

I receive my information, both psychically and mediumistically, through all of my senses. I see, hear, feel and know.

I began my spiritual and healing journey back in 2018 when I discovered that I could make a difference in helping  my mother heal, as she was suffering daily from a number of major health issues.
Through persistence and the unconditional love for wanting to help my mother, I began researching about healing others and came across many powerful tools, people, and resources that opened my eyes to a whole new world.
Through collecting and practicing these learned techniques, I began getting certified in Usui Reiki. I also became fascinated by sound healing, following the research done by Eileen Day McKusick, who mapped out the Biofield after 40+ years of research and studies. I decided to put the two together and created my own healing modality called “Biofield Reiki Energy Therapy”. 
I use a combination of healing practices such as intuitive channeling/coaching, sound therapy, crystals, positive affirmations, essential oils, Reiki, and Tuning forks to promote healing, forgiveness and emotional release of energy blocks. With the wide array of healing modalities and tools I uniquely use with my clients, I have seen remarkable results that allow them to experience a balanced and harmonized effect of self-love and ongoing healing through daily practice and meditation.
I utilize my expertise and passion through assisting other holistic companies and yoga studios. I specialize in building websites, consulting, marketing and clearing energy blocks to help them grow their businesses and offer technical support along with corporate teachings.

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Client Testimonials

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During the session with Anthony I felt a sense of home at peace one with everything. His healing and gifts are Multi dimensional ~ Unique and Pure. Anthony is Amazing!! I highly recommend a session with him his skills and gifts are off the charts! You will feel a sense of Peace ~ Calm and Unconditional Love ❤ Love & Light, Jillie ✨
Jillie Clarke
Anthony is an amazing spirit, so full of positivity and energy!! On a whim, I decided to have a quick session with him at a holistic expo and boy did that help confirm I'm on the right path spiritually and metaphysically! It was super easy to connect with him. He was so much like a battery for my psychic abilities and clairvoyance that I had a second session that lasted 2.5 hours!!! I discovered so many synchronicities, parallels and I even connected with my soulmate's inner child who gave me a gift, closure and reaffirmed some past life visions I had of myself with him. It was life changing for me and now I have more clarity and reassurance that things are as they should be, no matter how difficult the situation. I've since enrolled in classes to become a certified Clairvoyant Medium and may look into becoming ordained. Thank you for your love and light healing!!
Jennifer Miller